Fall 2015/16 Tryouts @ TROY sports center
 07 Jimmy John's 
6/11 Thursday     6:30-7:30pm @ Troy
6/16 Tuesday      6:30-7:30pm @ Troy
6/17 Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm @ Troy

06 Jimmy Johnís
6/3   Wednesday  7:00-8:00pm @Troy

6/11 Thursday     6:30-7:30pm @ Troy

6/17 Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm @ Troy

05 Jimmy Johnís
6/3   Wednesday    7:00-8:00pm @Troy
6/10 Wednesday   7:00-8:00pm @ Troy
6/18 Thursday       6:30-7:30pm @ Troy

04 Jimmy Johnís
6/10 Wednesday   7:00-8:00pm @ Troy
6/15 Monday         6:30-7:30pm @ Troy


03 Jimmy Johnís
6/15 Monday     7:30-8:30pm @ Troy
6/16 Tuesday    7:30-8:30pm @ Troy   

02 Jimmy Johnís
6/11 Thursday      7:30-8:30pm @ Troy
6/17 Wednesday  7:30-8:30pm @ Troy


01 Jimmy Johnís
6/10 Wednesday   8:00-9:00pm @ Troy
6/15 Monday     8:30-9:30pm @ Troy

U-15 (2000's)  Jimmy Johnís team
6/10 Wednesday  8:00-9:00pm @ Troy
6/15 Monday        8:30-9:30pm @ Troy
6/18 Thursday      7:30-8:30pm @ Troy


U-16   Jimmy Johnís

6/11 Thursday   8:30-9:30pm @ Troy
6/16 Tuesday    8:30-9:30pm @ Troy
6/18 Thursday   8:30-9:30pm @ Troy

U-18 AA Jimmy Johnís
6/10 Wednesday   9:00-10:00pm @ Troy
6/17 Wednesday      8:30-9:30pm @ Troy




























Summer Camp 2015 Information

Jimmy John's Hockey
Welcome to the home of Jimmy John's Hockey. We are very excited you have decided to learn more about our hockey program. You won't be disappointed!!!
Jimmy John's Hockey, skating out of Oak Park, Redford and Cranbrook, was founded in 2007. Dissatisfied with the current practice to game ratio, in addition to the heavy concentration on "systems" prevalent in most travel programs, our mission was to start a hockey organization which countered that philosophy. Our commitment is one of skill development, skill development and more skill development. Jimmy John's Hockey is far more interested in the type of player your child becomes at age 16 as opposed to age 9. Our hockey principles are as follows:
1) 4:1 practice to game ratio
2) Four practice skates per week followed by 45-60 minutes of off ice
3) Practice will consist of skating, passing, receiving, stick-handling and shooting. Until the kids mature, a heavy dose of "system" play is not necessary. The time is better spent working on skills.
4) Small ice games during practice to encourage creativity and puck movement.
5) Seven months of intense on-ice hockey skills training. The Spring and Summer is for off-ice training and other athletic activities. It is our belief, kids need to develop other muscles in order to acheive optimum on-ice performance.
We have secured facilities, exclusive to our organization, which will allow us to deliver on our stated goals. These include the following:
1) Private locker room
2) Weight room and exercise area
3) Shooting room
4) Indoor track
Our on-ice practice coach is Roman Andrys. Roman has coached and trained top talent throughout the world. Many of his players are currently playing in the NHL, OHL, or European Elite leagues. In addition, Roman has had a distinguished playing career. Roman was part of two Czech national teams, which competed in the World Championships. Roman captained the U18 Czech National team, which took the bronze medal at the World Championships. His U20 team claimed the silver medal at the Worlds. We are very proud to have Roman as our director of player development.
Our off-ice trainer is Jana Andrys. Jana has a Masters degree in athletic training and economics. Before coming to the states Jana was the conditioning coach for the Czech Republic First Division soccer club. She has trained Olympic athletes as well as NHL players. Jana is a world-class athlete and still holds Czech records in the 300m, 400m, and 4 x 100 meter relay. We are very excited to have Jana as our off-ice trainer.
If you are serious about taking your player to the next level, you should contact us. This program is not for everyone. It's for the family that is serious about hockey development.
For more information, please call or email. We can be reached via email at the following address jjhockeyinfo@gmail.com
We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you,
Jimmy John's Hockey

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